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Tesla x Waterloo CSC

Tesla x Waterloo CSC

| 6:00 PM EST | Online - Zoom

Come join Tesla on Microsoft Teams for an intimate and informal talk with some of their software engineers!

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Updates from our execs!
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Fall 2021 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term:

  • President: Dora Su (d43su)
  • VP (Head of Events): Jason Sang (jzsang)
  • AVP (Head of Marketing): Anjing Li (a348li)
  • Treasurer: Yanni Wang (y3859wan)
  • Sysadmin: Max Erenberg (merenber)

Additionally, the following postions were appointed:

  • Head of Discord: Andrew Wang
  • Head of Design: Sam Honoridez
  • Head of Reps: Juthika Hoque

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